Could we see “virtual fans” cheering on the Titans next season?

Joe Buck of Fox Sports announced a few months ago that “fake fan noise” would be added to NFL broadcasts if fans couldn’t attend games. Crowd noise is a major part of NFL games, but adding fake noise seems a little too, well, fake. The latest news, though, is that Fox might be adding “virtual fans” into the empty stands during NFL broadcasts. We might see Titans fans filling Nissan Stadium after all in 2020, even if they are added virtually.

Most fans probably aren’t going to care what Fox adds to the broadcast to make it seem “normal.” Personally, I just want to see football games, all of the extra things don’t matter. If I have to go through 2020 without seeing a Derrick Henry stiff arm, I might just lose my mind.

What should Fox do besides adding fake NFL fans?

Supposedly, the virtual fans look very realistic. I would much rather see Fox put their efforts into other on screen effects that could actually enhance the viewing experience. The thought process behind adding fake fans isn’t crazy, but there are other ways to make NFL games interesting besides adding fake people onto the screen. For one, it’s football. Enough said, right?

An interesting audio addition to NFL broadcasts would be to add in a lot more mic’d up moments from coaches and players. For teams, this could be a nightmare, but for fans it could be amazing to hear. Imagine watching the Tennessee Titans and hearing Derrick Henry like he sitting next to you the whole game.

There are so many Titans players that would be incredible to listen to over the course of a game. NFL wide receiver DeSean Jackson supports players being mic’d up so that fans can experience “what goes on between the white lines.”

Is there a better time to implement something like that? With all of the change that has been going on in the world, it doesn’t seem that crazy to change it up and mic up players.

Titans fans could potentially see fake people in their seats, but in my opinion, there are better options to make TV viewing much more enjoyable next season.

Featured Image: “Lp Field” by Alberto Cabello Mayero is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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