Former Titans QB Vince Young throws shade at Tennessee Sports Hall of Famer Jeff Fisher on Instagram.

There’s been a new viral trend going around the internet recently. People will place two photos side by side, with one being the “movie villain” and the other being the “real villain.” At first, the trend was just about movies. Now, it is being used in a much wider variety. Vince Young went to Instagram to try to clear the air about who the “real villain” was when he and Jeff Fisher were both with the Tennessee Titans.

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It’s safe to say that Vince Young and Jeff Fisher haven’t been the best of friends over the years. Former Titan Bo Scaife claimed that Fisher and Young’s relationship was “off from the get-go.”

Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated wrote a story about Young, in which he told the story of Jeff Fisher leaving Vince Young behind on the team flight. Young supposedly told Fisher he would be late after leaving his ID at home. Fisher didn’t hold the plane for him, but Young claimed that he held the plane for players before.

“Where I’m from, that’s like saying F you,” Young said.

What role did Vince Young play in his relationship with Fisher?

Vince Young is responsible for one of the most memorable moments for me as a Tennessee Titans fan. He led the Titans 99-yards down the field to beat the Arizona Cardinals. On 4th down and as time expired, Young tossed the ball towards the back of the end zone to Kenny Britt. Britt brought the ball down while surrounded by Cardinals defenders. The Titans had won the game, and as a kid watching his favorite NFL team, I couldn’t believe it. I would forever remember Vince Young because of that spectacular drive.

The truth is, Young was a very talented player, but the bad blood between him and Jeff Fisher was a two-way street. Jeff Fisher definitely wasn’t the reason for Young’s career tanking, and I truly believe he knows that.

What Young was trying to get across with his Instagram post was likely that he wasn’t the villain in the relationship between him and Fisher. Although, that’s not exactly true either.

Neither of them are 100% to blame for what happened. They both played their part in it all. One may have been more of a cause than the other, but they both probably did things that caused tension in the relationship.

Vince Young definitely had some issues on and off the field. He has publicly trashed Jeff Fisher a lot over the years, and based off his recent post, he still doesn’t seem to be over it.

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Who is the real villain between Vince Young and Jeff Fisher?

There’s always two sides to every story. No matter what the conflict is, you are never going to hear the same thing from both individuals. People perceive things differently and sometimes, this can lead to misunderstandings.

I think we can all agree that the real villain in this situation is the bad blood between Young and Fisher that kept us from seeing what greatness the two could achieve together. An all time great college QB and a coach that was recently inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame should’ve been able to accomplish a lot more together. We all missed out on something that could have been great because of the feud between the two.

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