Which Titans player would benefit from Vic Beasley missing 2020?

The Tennessee Titans are still awaiting the arrival of Vic Beasley at training camp. By the way, it has been more than a week now. Reports are that Beasley had a death in his family just prior to training camp. Whether or not that has any effect on his not showing at camp is a mystery to me. It is definitely a possibility, but the only known contact he has had with anyone in the organization was with GM Jon Robinson.

Robinson claimed that he expected Beasley to report soon, but here we are about a week removed from those reports.

“I have been in contact with Vic, he is not here, he understands his absence is unexcused, and he told me he will be reporting to camp in the near future.”

Jon Robinson on Vic Beasley

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Preparing for life without Beasley

Whether or not Beasley is going to show up for training camp in the future, the team has to begin thinking about what life will be like without him. The NFL opt out deadline is today, but still nothing from the former NFL sack leader.

Derek Roberson came on strong at the end of last season for the Titans. In fact, he even sacked Drew Brees after breezing right past PFF’s top tackle Ryan Ramczyk, pun intended.

Many people see Roberson as the guy that will benefit the most from a potential Vic Beasley absence. In my opinion, the guy who will most benefit is actually D’Andre Walker.

Walker missed all of last season on injured reserve and is now looking forward to making a return. In his senior season at Georgia, he finished with 7.5 sacks. After a year of learning from Titans coaches like Shane Bowen and Mike Vrabel, I’m ready to see him transfer the new knowledge to the field.

The Titans 2019 draft class looked incredible last season. AJ Brown, Nate Davis, and Amani Hooker all exceeded expectations. We even saw a glimpse of Jeffery Simmons late in the season, and he looks to be a superstar caliber player. The 2019 class can look even better if D’Andre walker can capitalize on a missing Vic Beasley.

Hopefully, Beasley returns to the team and this article becomes irrelevant when he puts up double digit sacks. Until then, the team must prepare for all scenarios.

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