Vic Beasley is off to a bad start with the Tennessee Titans.

Vic Beasley signed with the Tennessee Titans this offseason on a one-year deal worth $9.5 million. Titans fans, myself included, were very excited for the addition of Beasley to the team’s edge rush. In fact, if he could return to his 2016 form, he might push the Titans pass rush to an elite unit. For the second day in a row now, the Titans haven’t heard from Beasley, though. He did not show up to the first two days of testing for players. It seems like he is already off on the wrong foot with the Tennessee Titans.

If Vic Beasley is planning on opting out of the 2020 NFL season, that’s fine. There has already been one Titans player to opt out. If that is his plan, he should have let the team know yesterday at the latest. Maybe he is still considering his options. There’s no problem with that either, but he should make the Titans staff aware of where he is at right now and where his mind sits. The Tennessee Titans are giving Beasley a shot to prove himself in 2020, after his past few seasons have been not so impressive. The least he could do is inform the team of what’s is going on with him.

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Preparing for the worst

Odds are, this all blows over in a few days or so and Beasley either shows up to camp or he informs the team that he isn’t playing. The worst case would be for the team to just not hear from Vic Beasley, and for him to to pull a Dennis Rodman style absence, except not come back.

Atlanta Falcons fans are already beginning to rub it in the face of Titans fans a little with “I told you so” tweets. That’s all fine and dandy, there is still potential for Vic Beasley to come back better than ever this season. If not, every time a Falcons fan hits you with the dreaded “I told you so” stay reminded of the fact that last season the Titans made it to the AFC Championship without Beasley. Oh yeah, they beat the Falcons too.

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