USA Today predicts the Titans to go 10-6 and win the AFC South.

Nate Davis of USA Today made record predictions for all of the NFL in his most recent article. Anyone predicting the Tennessee Titans record could say 9-7 and feel pretty good about themselves. The Titans have finished 9-7 for the past 4 seasons, as most of you probably already know. It would be easy to predict that they will continue that trend. By no means is 9-7 bad, but it is pretty mediocre and that isn’t what we want.

Nate Davis, not the offensive lineman, thinks the Titans can beat the curse and go 10-6. Not only that but he feels they can even win the AFC South. That would be the first time the team has been able to do so since 2008. In the short history of the AFC South, Tennessee has only been able to win twice.

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My prediction for the Tennessee Titans in 2020

I am a little more optimistic for the Titans in 2020. I think they are going to crush their 9-7 curse and finish with a record of no worse than 11-5.

Ryan Tannehill is going to be much more comfortable in the offense this season and Derrick Henry just got paid big time. He is going to have to live up to that big contract, which will be no issue for the King, because the team has a potential out after two years.

Not to mention that after last season the Titans are hungry for success. They came so close to making it to the Super Bowl and every single player is ready to prove that they can make it there. It will be hard to stop them next season.

I only have the Titans losing one division game next season. The Indianapolis Colts in Indianapolis is going to be a tough matchup for them. The Colts have made their defense much better, even though Phillip Rivers is old and washed it may be hard for the Titans to beat them in Indiana.

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