Is Trevor Siemian actually a better option than Woodside or McDonald?

News broke yesterday that the Tennessee Titans released Cole McDonald and signed former Broncos and Jets QB Trevor Siemian. Immediately, some people were filled with joy. The Titans finally signed a veteran backup quarterback. I don’t know that I would go so far to say that Trevor Siemian is a veteran quarterback. He has started 25 games in his career and hasn’t been all that impressive.

Granted, he definitely has way more experience than both Logan Woodside and Cole McDonald combined, but is he really a better option?

In basically two full seasons with the Denver Broncos, Siemian threw for 30 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. Over the two seasons that averages out to 15 touchdowns and 12 interceptions per year. That isn’t terrible but it definitely isn’t going to win you a whole lot of games.

The Titans coaches must have really saw some bad things from Cole McDonald and Logan Woodside in training camp to feel they needed to make a move for a quarterback. I for one was excited to see these guys gain some experience under Ryan Tannehill. I’m still a believer that Cole McDonald has the tools to develop into a starting NFL quarterback. He has a strong arm and he is very athletic. Everything that is wrong with McDonald as a quarterback can be fixed by good coaching. I think he still has a bright future in the NFL. Hopefully he can be signed to the practice squad and that future is with the Tennessee Titans.

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What is the future for Logan Woodside?

As for Logan Woodside, there is a great chance he stays on the roster all season long. I think there is plenty of reason to keep a 3rd quarterback on the roster in a season like this. If a QB is forced to sit out with COVID-19, things could be bad with only one backup QB.

After this season, Woodside might not have much of a future with the team. The coaches didn’t trust him enough to be the backup this season. Why would they trust it next season. The same could be said for McDonald, but I think having no preseason games really hurt his chances.

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