This past week, ESPN’s Jeff Darlington–a guest speaker on Adam Schefter’s podcast–speculated that the Tennessee Titans and the Las Vegas Raiders are the front-runners for Tom Brady next season. Brady’s resume for his career speaks for itself. However, this may not be the right move for the Titans to make as far as quarterbacks go in this free agency.

Don’t get me wrong, Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. He is not the answer for the Titans though. Let’s face it, the 43-year-old quarterback is playing a dangerous game with Father Time. Brady has said that he wants to play until he is 45 years old. Which means, he is probably going to be looking for a two-year deal. With this in mind, Brady would not be a long-term answer for the Titans’ quarterback needs.

Tom Brady potentially going to the Titans also has me asking myself the question, “What is going to happen to the Titans’ offensive system?!?” If the Titans sign Tom Brady in free agency, they will either have to change the offensive system completely; or it will take Brady at least one year to completely adjust to it. This past year, Tom Brady did not do well when throwing on play action passes. On play action passes in 2019, Brady completed 63% of his passes, and ranked 28th in the league. To put that into perspective, Ryan Tannehill completed 75.9% and ranked 1st in the league.

Now, some people may say that Tannehill’s stats being that high is just because of the system. However, Brady is not mobile enough to show out in this system. This means the Titans would have to change the system that got them to the AFC Championship game this past season. This could possibly be a recipe for disaster. Not only would more players have to adjust to the new system, but in 2 years they would just have to change it AGAIN!

In conclusion, I’m not trying to take anything away from Brady and his legacy. However, the Titans need to be contenders not only the next two years, but also for many years to come. The 31-year-old Ryan Tannehill is the answer the Titans need. He proved this past year that he can thrive in the Titans’ offense. With Tannehill and Henry, the Titans can contend for a Lombardi Trophy.

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