The Titans have an incredible cap value with center Ben Jones.

In the 2019 offseason, the Tennessee Titans signed Ben Jones to a two year extension. The deal seemed pretty fair to both sides at the time. Now, however, Ben Jones’ deal is a massive steal for the Tennessee Titans. It was a two year extension worth $13.5 million. Aside from players on rookie deals, he is one of the best salary cap values on the whole team.

Sometimes it can be tricky to determine the value of offensive lineman in the NFL. There’s not a lot of stats that you can use to gauge their production. Most of the time the best way is to just watch film.

Fortunately, PFF does a lot of the hard work for us. Perhaps they don’t always get it right. Especially with offensive tackles, Taylor Lewan should be much higher. But, they do a pretty good job of ranking players and giving us some advanced stats.

One thing I do feel like they nailed is their grade for Ben Jones. He has been a fantastic center yet somehow he always seems to be overlooked and underrated. Centers in general get that treatment sometimes, though.

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Higher paid NFL centers

When you take a look at some of the other centers in the NFL you really get a feeling for how good of a value Ben Jones is for the Titans.

Brandon Linder and Cody Whitehair both have deals that are over $50 million. In fact, there are well over 10 centers in the NFL that have bigger contract than Ben Jones. There is also well over 10 that make a larger average salary per year than him. If the Titans are going to be keeping him after this season they are going to have to re-sign him next offseason. Who knows how much that will cost them, but enjoy his contract now because it is a steal.

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