Titans OLB coach Shane Bowen could be the defensive play-caller.

The Tennessee Titans practiced at Nissan Stadium on Friday. The clock is ticking for the new season to begin, so it is important for the team to start getting things in order. One major question fans still have is who is going to be calling the defensive plays for the Titans. After Friday’s practice it appears that guy could be Shane Bowen, the team’s outside linebackers coach.

The Titans had the pleasure of having Dean Pees call the shots defensively for the past two seasons. Pees, a defensive mastermind, was a defensive coordinator for some of the NFL’s best defenses during his career. Pees coached Mike Vrabel with the Patriots in 2004 and coached a great Ravens defense made up of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Unfortunately for the Titans, Dean Pees decided he would retire after the 2019-20 season.

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Who would replace Dean Pees?

The question immediately burst into every Titans fans mind. Who would replace Dean Pees? Well we all know now that the Titans don’t plan on bringing in a defensive coordinator. It seemed like the plan was to have Mike Vrabel make the defensive calls. Whether you like that plan or not, it would put a lot of stress on Vrabel during games.

At Friday’s practice, it wasn’t Vrabel, but Shane Bowen was calling the plays for the defense. Mike Vrabel has already mentioned that Bowen will be helping him with the DC duties. Maybe he will be helping a lot more than us fans anticipated. It honestly wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

As the head coach, Vrabel already has so many things on his plate during a game. So many important decisions to make and usually not a whole lot of time to make them. I really don’t want him to have his mind on a million different things while trying to make a decision that could alter the course of the whole game.

Let the young guy Shane Bowen call the defense. He has had lots of time to learn from Dean Pees over the last two seasons. Who knows, we could have the next hot shot defensive coordinator on our hands.

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