The Tennessee Titans destroyed other NFL teams in RedZone TD percentage in 2020.

Stats show that the Tennessee Titans were the best in the NFL when it came to scoring in the RedZone in 2019.

The Tennessee Titans were way ahead of the pack when it came to RedZone TD% last season. Of all the times the Titans made it inside their opponents 20 yard-line, they scored on 75.6% of them. Scoring on more than 75% of RedZone trips is quite a feat in the NFL. In fact, only a couple of teams have been able to do it since the stat has been kept up with starting in 2003.

The last team to do so was the Kansas City Chiefs in 2003. The Chiefs likely prompted the stat to be created with their astonishing 76.27% TD rate in the RedZone. The Chiefs were the top ranked offense in the NFL that season in points, and they finished the season 2nd in offensive yardage. They finished with a record of 13-3, led by players like Trent Green and Priest Holmes. Priest Holmes was likely the reason for such a high percentage, scoring 27 touchdowns that season.

Does a higher RedZone percentage mean success?

First, let’s take a look at what these teams have in common. The Chiefs had Priest Holmes who twice in his career scored 20+ touchdowns in a season. The Tennessee Titans have Derrick Henry, who is one of the most physically gifted running backs to ever play in the NFL. 16 years later, it still seems that the key to scoring in the RedZone is having one of the NFL’s best running backs.

Great running backs allowed both of these teams to have great RedZone stats. But, one thing neither team accomplished is a Super Bowl. They both had success in the regular season, but neither of them even made it to the big game.

When looking at these two teams, having a high RedZone percentage didn’t translate to a Super Bowl win. This doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. The Tennessee Titans have the majority of their offense returning in 2020, including Derrick Henry. This could be the season that RedZone percentage finally translates to a Super Bowl win, and the Tennessee Titans could reinvent the importance of the running back.

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