Titans Kevin Byard comments on the possibility of a Jadeveon Clowney signing.

The past few weeks have been very uneventful, but we finally got a small drop of hope connecting Jadeveon Clowney and the Tennessee Titans. Taylor Lewan stirred the pot by tweeting at Clowney saying “we could be teammates now.” So of course when Kevin Byard joined Good Morning Football this morning, he was asked about Clowney as a potential teammate.

Jadeveon Clowney would easily be the Titans biggest addition of the offseason. Aside from the loss of Jurrell Casey, the Tennessee Titans have made it a point to upgrade their defensive line. Clowney would be the final piece that could make their defensive line one of the best in the NFL.

Clowney can be a game changer at times, so there is no question to why he has been one of the most followed free agent stories of the offseason. It looks as if he is in no rush to sign any time soon, but Kevin Byard voiced his opinion this morning on GMF.

If we can add a guy like him, an elite pass rusher, somebody that can get after the quarterback. He’s also great in run defense, I’m all for it.

Kevin Byard on Good Morning Football

What’s taking Clowney so long?

It’s hard to say what is going through Jadeveon Clowney’s head right now. From Taylor Lewan to Kevin Byard, the Tennessee Titans seem to be very open to the possibility of Clowney joining the team.

Clowney’s previous injury history could be one of the factors that is putting off a signing. Teams interested in Clowney will want their own doctors to take a look at him before anything is finalized. Organizations are now allowed up to 100 staff members in team facilities now. If the Titans have some doctors in the building now, maybe a Clowney signing is coming sooner than later.

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