Titans have signed free agent tight end Cole Herdman

The Tennessee Titans have signed 24 year old undrafted tight-end out of Purdue named Cole Herdman. What does this mean? Here’s a couple of things:

  • This could be the end for Delanie Walker. Walker didn’t contribute much last year, and with Jonnu Smith emerging I could see the Titans making room for another run blocker to lead the way for the King.
  • It could mean absolutely nothing, Herdman could make it to the preseason and ultimately get cut with not much to show for it. Although maybe… just maybe, something more could come of it

While it doesn’t seem like much at the time, this is the start of a very interesting off-season for the Tennessee Titans. They have several key guys to sign back, and are coming off an amazing playoff run. This off-season could either spell disaster for the upcoming year, or great things to come for many seasons. Either way, small stories like this are what us super fans have to cling on to until the King or Ryan Tannehill signs a big contract or free agency period comes around.

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