Tennessee Titans will lead the league in rushing in 2020

Last year, Derrick Henry finished the season with 1,540 rushing yards. This was enough to win him the regular season rushing title. Even with this feat, the Tennessee Titans finished 3rd in the league in rushing yards and yards per attempt and 2nd in rushing touchdowns. The Titans finished the 2019 season with 2,223 rushing yards, 21 rushing touchdowns, and 5 yards per rushing attempt. This next year, I expect the Tennessee Titans to go above and beyond and lead the entire league in rushing. I first mentioned this in the 2020 Bold Predictions episode of the Titans Time Podcast.

The Titans will have their work cut out for them because they will have to dethrone the very strong rushing attack of the Baltimore Ravens. In 2019, the Ravens finished 1st in the league in rushing yards and yards per attempt. They also tied with the Titans for 2nd in the league in rushing touchdowns. The Ravens put up over 1,000 more rushing yards last season than the Titans. The Ravens finished 2019 with 3,296 rushing yards, 21 rushing touchdowns, and 5.5 yards per rushing attempt. Last season, the Ravens had a 3 headed monster of a rushing attack with Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, and Gus Edwards. Those three guys alone make the Ravens rushing attack hard to beat, but in the draft the Ravens decided to add another piece when they drafted J.K. Dobbins from Ohio State.

The Titans drafted another running back of their own though, in the third round, when the picked Darrynton Evans. Evans will fill an important role with the Tennessee Titans. While the majority of the time we may only see Evans on the field in 3rd down situations, he will also provide a nice change of pace while giving Derrick Henry rest. I could also see the Titans running some 2 back sets with both Evans and Henry. Evans is going to compliment Henry very well. While Henry is known more for his power, Evans is more of a shifty runner and that combination is going to be rough for opposing defenses.

I believe that Derrick Henry is going to pick up where he left off last season. In one of my other bold predictions for the 2020 season, I predicted that Henry will only have 2 games where he does not reach 100 yards rushing for the game. If this prediction comes true, we could see Henry finish the season with over 2000 yards rushing. This would make him the second running back for the Titans to accomplish this feat. The first one, of course, being Chris Johnson. Most of the time, if a team has one running back that rushes for over 2000 yards, the backup running back finishes the season with less than 400 yards. I believe the Titans can be the outlier in this scenario though. Darrynton Evans is explosive enough that I can see him having 800 or more rushing yards this season.

I believe that Henry and Evans are going to be the best backfield in the NFL next season. Henry is going to want to defend his throne as the rushing leader. While Evans is going to be looking to make his mark in the league and show his explosiveness. This is going to lead the Titans to be the top rushing offense in the NFL in 2020.

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