Two Tennessee Titans to get at a bargain for your fantasy team.

The NFL season is right around the corner. With that in mind, it is important to start shaping your fantasy team for the start of the season. Part of that is finding buy-low bargains on players that you think will outperform their value when the season starts.

These kinds of values can usually be found easily on the Tennessee Titans. This season, however, it is a bit different for the Titans. AJ Brown, while a breakout candidate, is largely over-valued. It is important to find the players that everyone else is low on right now so you can get a steal. Here are two Titans to trade for at a bargain for your fantasy team.

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Ryan Tannehill

Good quarterbacks are easy to come by in fantasy drafts. If you miss out on Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, you might as well wait a while before adding a quarterback.

If you weren’t able to grab Ryan Tannehill late in your draft, he is a prime candidate to trade for. Being a quarterback, he is insanely undervalued right now. According to Fantasy Football Calculator, he is being drafted after even Daniel Jones. You’re talking about a quarterback that, when in the starting lineup, was a top 10 guy last season. He is being drafted behind a second year guy with limited weapons and fumbling problem? I’ll take that.

It shouldn’t take much to trade for Tannehill. He put up 22 touchdowns in only 10 games started last season. Now he is going to have a full offseason as the starter under his belt. It’s not crazy to think that Tannehill is going to build on his success from last season and be a top 10 fantasy quarterback. Get him now at a low price.

Blake Jarwin and Allen Lazard are both players being drafted ahead of Tannehill. I would feel comfortable giving up either of these guys for a top 10 season from Tannehill.

Darrynton Evans

According to Fantasy Football Calculator, even in 12 team leagues, Darrynton Evans is going undrafted. Luckily for you, unless you have a crazed Titans fan in your league like I do, you can pick him up for free.

Darrynton Evans is going to be the perfect match for Derrick Henry this season. He is going to be the lighting to his thunder. As Peter King from NBC Sports says, Evans could be “a poor mans Alvin Kamara.” If that’s the case, get Evans now. Once the first week of the season is over, it might be too late to hop on the train.

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