Titans have a chance to start 3-0 for the first time since 2008.

It’s beginning to look a lot like ’08 for the two-tone blue. The Tennessee Titans have a chance to start the season 3-0 for the first time in 12 years. There are some major differences this go around, though. The Titans offense has looked really impressive through the first two games of the season. The defense, however, has seen better days.

After the first two weeks of the 2020 NFL season, the Titans rank 25th in yards allowed and 12th in points allowed. They would rank much worse in points had the season opener with the Denver Broncos not been such a sloppy game.

The defense is going to have a chance to boost their rankings in week three against the Minnesota Vikings, and just before star cornerback Adoree Jackson is eligible to come off IR.

Vikings offensive woes

The Vikings put up 34 points in a shootout with the Green Bay Packers in week one. After such a performance you wouldn’t think you would be talking about the same team as one that is struggling to score. 24 of the Vikings 34 points were scored in the fourth quarter, though. I don’t think there is any more explaining required for you to understand those padded stats.

In week two, the Vikings only managed to score 11 points. A performance that was powered by 3 Kirk Cousins’ interceptions and a measly 113 passing yards.

Before the season, the matchup with the Vikings worried me. This is a team that is always up and down. You’re never sure which years are going to be up and which will be down. This year has all the signs of a down year for the Vikings. The Titans should put them away pretty easily with a few turnovers and a strong offensive performance. This is the NFL, though, and you can never be sure of anything.

Where would 3-0 put the Titans?

Starting the season 3-0 with Adoree Jackson on IR for the first three games would put the team in a great position to make the playoffs. The Titans haven’t reach their full potential for this season yet. Vic Beasley and Derek Roberson still have to return so that Harold Landry and Jadeveon Clowney can actually conserve enough energy to get sacks. Then, AJ Brown has to come open things up even more for the offense. After a few weeks of that, then we will see the full potential of this team.

According to the statistics, the Titans will have a 76% chance to make the playoffs if they win on Sunday. I’ll take those odds any day, and the Titans are going to need them with matchups against the Steelers and Bills coming up in weeks 4 and 5.

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