Tennessee Titans can reinvent the importance of running backs in the NFL.

The Tennessee Titans offense revolves around having a dominant running back. Right now, that running back is Derrick Henry, but the Titans risk losing him if they don’t act soon. The team has until July 15 to work out a deal with Henry or else he will be set to become a free agent in 2021. Of course they’ll be able to resign him throughout next season, but with a rising salary cap it makes more sense financially to lock him down now.

As far as pure runners, Derrick Henry is the best running back in the NFL. The Tennessee Titans offense uses Henry to wear down opposing defenses little by little until finally the flood gates open.

In Tyler Staggs’s most recent article, he predicted that in 2020 the Tennessee Titans would have the best rushing attack in the NFL. This is not far fetched when you consider the addition of Darrynton Evans. Darrynton Evans was the Titans 3rd round draft pick. He will be a great change of pace from Derrick Henry. Evans also has a lot to bring in the passing game. He caught 5 receiving touchdowns last season. The Titans hope that Evans can fill the role of former running back Dion Lewis while bringing much more to the table.

How can the Titans make running backs important again?

The running back position has become less and less important over the years in the NFL.

When teams see success in the NFL they usually take one of two approaches. They either try to build a team to combat the success or to duplicate it. The Titans are choosing the first of the two options right now by building to beat teams like the Ravens and the Chiefs.

So, the first step for the Titans to reinvent the importance of the position is to re-sign Derrick Henry, and do it quickly. Then, the Titans have to prove that their style of offense is successful. Which, by the way, they did many times last season once Ryan Tannehill took over.

The Tennessee Titans were great at running the ball last season. They have only improved in the run game and it will show once the season begins. Derrick Henry and Darrynton Evans will set up play action passes for Ryan Tannehill to ball out. If the Titans can lead the league in rushing and make another deep playoff run all after locking Henry up long term, then naturally teams will try to copy their blueprint for success. Therefore, reinventing the importance of running backs in the NFL.

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