The Tennessee Titans offense will terrify opposing teams in 2020.

Last season when Ryan Tannehill replaced Marcus Mariota at QB, it provided the Tennessee Titans offense with a spark. Mariota kept the Titans in a constant lull. He was good just enough to keep fans happy, and he would throw in a playoff appearance every so often to keep hopes up.

Marcus Mariota did a lot of great things for the Tennessee Titans during his time here. He was a huge part of bringing back a winning mindset to Nashville. At the same time, he created a lot of stacked boxes for Derrick Henry. Teams knew the Tennessee Titans offense couldn’t beat them by passing the ball.

Mariota providing Henry with stacked boxes did achieve one thing, though. Pro Football Focus ranked Derrick Henry as the number one runner versus stacked boxes in 2019.


PFF Rushing Grade: 80.9

Does it really surprise anyone that Henry shows up at No. 1 on this list? If any running back was built to take the punishment of running into loaded box after loaded box — giving just as good as he gets — it is Henry. His 244 attempts over the course of the regular season and postseason were nearly 80 more than the next closest runner, and he averaged just over 5 yards per carry on those runs (4.4 of which came after contact).

Carries with eight-plus defenders in box (regular season and postseason)
Player Carries
1. Derrick Henry 244
2. Dalvin Cook 166
3. Sony Michel 141
4. Leonard Fournette 131
5. Ezekiel Elliott 126

He should continue to run into loaded boxes again next season, opening things up for Ryan Tannehill and what became a very effective passing game over the back half of last season.

via PFF

Derrick Henry averaged 5 yards per carry against stacked boxes. Even stacking the box against King Henry won’t keep him contained.

Sadly for the other 31 teams in the NFL, now Ryan Tannehill is at QB. This makes the Tennessee Titans offense a two-headed monster.

If teams decided to stack to box against the Titans, Ryan Tannehill will make them regret it quickly. Tannehill used Derrick Henry to his advantage several times last season, throwing for 1,095 yards on play action downs.

The alternative is to back up and play the pass game, but that won’t work too well either. Derrick Henry will make you pay if you don’t gameplan to stop him.

There’s no way to win next season against the Tennessee Titans offense. Defensive coordinators across the league are going to lose sleep when the Tennessee Titans come up on their schedule in 2020.

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