Tennessee Titans will look for revenge versus Denver Broncos in primetime.

Last Thursday, the NFL released the 2020 schedule. We learned that the Tennessee Titans get to open the season with a primetime game. The Titans season opener will be against the Denver Broncos at Empire Field. The Titans will be a team to watch in week one as they have many reasons to be fired up.

In 2019, the Denver Broncos beat the Titans 16-0. This became a turning point in the Titans season when Ryan Tannehill replaced Marcus Mariota at quarterback. The Titans were held scoreless, but once Tannehill had time to settle into the offense the next week, he started on a hot streak. The Titans kept the majority of their key contributors on offense this off-season. In week one, Tennessee will look for revenge versus an improved Denver defense.

During the off-season, the Titans also traded Jurrell Casey to the Broncos. Casey has already made a point that he has his eyes on week one. While Casey is in the latter half of his prime years, the Titans are going to have to make sure they do not let him take over this game. In last weekend’s episode of Titans Time, Tyler Rowland from LockedOnTitans joined us to discuss the week one matchup. Tyler mentioned how throughout Casey’s time with the Titans he was able to learn all of the o-line’s tendencies and techniques. This will be something to watch to see if that has any impact on Jurrell Casey’s performance.

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After an AFC championship appearance, the Titans are still underdogs in week one. This is just going to fuel the fire even more in all the Titans players and coaches. That makes this the perfect revenge game for the Titans. A 2019 shutout plus a Jurrell Casey trade makes for an interesting matchup on Monday Night Football.

The Tennessee Titans are going to bring a lot of energy into this game. They want to prove they are not the same team the Broncos held to zero points last year. There is no better way for them to do that than to go into Mile High on MNF and beat the Broncos in week one.

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