The Tennessee Titans must be at the top of their game by November.

The Tennessee Titans are somewhat notorious for slow starts. It seems that in the majority of seasons that I have been a Titans fan, they have started the season off with a less than impressive record. Then, they have to fight and claw their way to a decent record by the end of the season and hope it is good enough for the playoffs.

Last season was no exception. Although the team made it to the AFC Championship game, they still started the year 2-4. This was partly due to the below average play from Marcus Mariota at QB, but you can’t ignore the fact that the whole team improved going forward.

The Titans can’t afford that kind of slow start going into the upcoming season. Six games into the season, when November rolls around, the team is going to have to be at the top of their game. Not just getting started like they were last season.

After the first six games, they’re going to really grind it out the rest of the season. If they aren’t at the top of their game, the whole course of the season could be changed from November to late December. It may sound like a no-brainer, but the Titans must play at a high level through the end of the season and carry it into the playoffs.

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Titans schedule

Four of the Titans first six games are at home. They have to take advantage of the home games while they can because after that they are much more spread out.

Tennessee is going to have to come out early and win some tough home games against the Steelers and the Bills if they want a good chance at home field advantage in the playoffs.

Why is it so important to win early this season?

Well, the Titans are going to be going on the road a lot more during the last half of the season, and the final stretch is going to be pretty tough for them.

They’ll be facing the Ravens in Baltimore, the Colts in Indianapolis, and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

I thought that traveling to Denver to play the Broncos in week one was going to be tough, but imagine playing in Green Bay two days after Christmas. The back half of the schedule is going to be tough for the Titans, so they need to win the slightly easier games when they have them. No team in the NFL is an easy win, but some teams are definitely easier than others.

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