How can Tennessee Titans DB Amani Hooker increase his importance next season?

The Tennessee Titans could use some valuable depth and special teams players. Amani Hooker can be much more than that for the Titans, but in 2020 it’s a good start for him to begin moving up.

In 2019, Hooker proved to be a great asset to the Tennessee Titans, especially on special teams. According to Pro Football Reference, Amani Hooker played 84% of all special teams snaps. One of the most important things to note about Hooker is his tackling. Amani Hooker is a very good tackler and if he is able to square up the ball carrier there is a great chance they’ll end up on the ground. He finished the 2019 season with only a 4.8% missed tackle percentage. This was the 4th lowest percentage among Titans defenders that played 10 games or more.

How can Amani Hooker increase his importance next season?

If Amani Hooker can grow his role in special teams and continue to provide depth behind the other DBs I believe he can make his case to be a NFL starter soon. Hooker was able to get an interception during last years preseason with the Titans. He could definitely be valuable to the defense especially with his ability to lure QBs into throwing interceptions by playing off of his man.

Perhaps the most valuable thing Amani Hooker brings to the Tennessee Titans is his versatility. Hooker plays safety but at Iowa he was able to play well enough at slot corner to notch the highest PFF grade in the FBS at the position.

The 2020 NFL season could be crucial for Amani Hooker’s future in the league. Kenny Vaccaro is 29 years old and has 3 season left on his contract with the Tennessee Titans. Vaccaro will be 32 by the time his contract is up and odds are will be moving on. Whether it be free agency or retirement this will free up a starting spot at safety.

That is only one possibility for Amani Hooker, though. In fact, it’s not even the most enticing for the Titans. If Amani Hooker could surpass Kenny Vaccaro in 2020 the Titans could potentially cut Vaccaro after the season. While Vaccaro is a very good safety for the Titans this move would save $10 million in cap over the last two seasons of his contract. Amani Hooker is a player I really like and in 2020 he could really prove his worth.

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