Biggest takeaways from the Titans matchup with the Broncos last night.

The Tennessee Titans defeated the Denver Broncos 16-14 in the second primetime matchup of the night on Monday, September 14. It wasn’t pretty, but as Titans fans we are used to the style of game that we saw last night. No matter how good of a team the Titans have, they seem to find a way to come out flat and either lose or almost lose. Of course last season is an exception.

Despite an early ejection of Rashaan Evans, the Titans were able to come out on top.

Watch Rashaan Evans punch Jake Butt and get ejected from the game.

Evans is going to have to learn from those kinds of mistakes, the Titans can’t afford to go too many games without him.

Here are some of my big takeaways from the game last night:

Jeffery Simmons is a force on the defensive line

If you had asked me before the game which player I was most anxious to see, it probably would have been Jeffery Simmons. Of all the positive things we saw from the rookie class last season, we didn’t get to see as much of Simmons due to his injury.

Last night, we got to see Simmons fully recovered from an ACL injury and with a full offseason of practice with the Titans. If you could call this offseason “full.”

It seemed like everyone was effected a bit by the high altitude last night, Simmons included, but he was still a force on the defensive line. I think once he gets into game shape he is going to be one of the elite players at his position.

Corey Davis came to play last night

The Titans declined Corey Davis’ 5th-year option this past offseason and for good reason. The $15.68 million price tag was too much for the sort of production he has put up so far.

Last night, however, he came to prove something. He and Ryan Tannehill boosted their chemistry over the offseason and it showed. At close to 14.5 yards per reception, it seemed like Corey Davis was always making a big catch when the Titans needed one.

One of his most impressive was arguably a 13 yard reception just before halftime.

Ryan Tannehill put the ball where only Corey Davis could get it and that he did. Davis went up and grabbed the ball and somehow managed to get two feet down in the process.

If this game was any indication to how Davis is going to perform this season then Titans fans have a lot to be excited for.

Kicking is still an issue

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Titans have had issues with their kicking game recently.

When the team signed Stephen Gostowski this offseason there was hope that might change.

As of last night, however, it looks like the kicking woes have continued. Gostowski missed from 47, 42, 44, and missed an extra point in last night’s game. He redeemed himself late in the game, though. From 25 yards out, Gostowski finally found some space between they yellow posts to put the Titans ahead 16-14. That field goal ultimately won the game.

I’m not going to be calling for Gostowski to be cut, although my mid game emotions say otherwise. He doesn’t have much room for mistakes going forward, though.

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