Who are the best salary cap values on the Tennessee Titans roster?

The best way to get a great NFL player on a cheap contract is for that player to be at a high level on their rookie contract. Capitalizing on a rookie contract allows a team to use the extra money elsewhere since they are getting an elite player at a rookie price. The Kansas City Chiefs have made use of this strategy during Patrick Mahomes rookie deal. They have been able to build their team at other positions since in 2020, Patrick Mahomes will only make between 2 and 3 million dollars. Does the Tennessee Titans roster have these kind of salary cap values?

The Titans may not have a value that is quite as good as Patrick Mahomes at $2 million, but they definitely have some young players that deserve big contracts when their rookie deal is done. Here are some of the Tennessee Titans best salary cap values going into 2020.

AJ Brown Jersey

AJ Brown

Tennessee Titans fans learned AJ Brown’s name very quickly during his rookie season.

Right off the bat, he was a huge contributor taking 3 receptions for 100 yards in the season opener vs the Cleveland Browns. Tennessee Titans fans haven’t seen an elite wide receiver playing for their team for some time, but AJ Brown shows all the signs to be the next one up.

After just one season, the hype for AJ Brown is unreal. He is expected to be the number one wide receiver on the team in 2020, which will only be his second NFL season.

Brown’s work ethic and raw talent makes him a promising player going forward. The Tennessee Titans are only paying him $1,284,629 in 2020 which is an absolute steal compared to Corey Davis’ 5th year option. The NFL’s top receivers make more than $15 million annually. AJ Brown’s whole contract isn’t even worth that much.

AJ Brown is an incredible value at wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. They’ll want to do everything they can to hold on to him, considering he has 3 more seasons left as such a cheap price.


Harold Landry

Harold Landry has been the Titans top pass rusher off the edge for the past two seasons. In that time he has racked up a total of 13.5 sacks.

Landry played over 80% of defensive snaps last season, which is a lot for any pass rusher. For reference, Shaq Barrett, the NFL sack leader, didn’t even play 80% of snaps in 2020. He was able to get more than double Landry’s amount of sacks in less snaps. That’s not to discount Harold Landry in any way. Tennessee Titans OLB coach Shane Bowen has already admitted that Landry needs to play less snaps next season to be more effective.

“He played a lot of plays for us and he did, probably, too much — that’s on me,” outside linebackers coach Shane Bowen said on a Zoom conference call last week. “But we’ve got to find ways to get some other guys that can take some stuff off of him too, and I’ve got to get those guys developed where we are trusting them, putting them in the game, where we feel like they can make plays for us. I’ve got to do a better job of not putting so much on him in terms of play count.”

via Jim Wyatt

Harold Landry can be so much more effective in 2020 with a lower snap count. Don’t be surprised if he puts up a double digit sack total in 2020.

Let’s get to the numbers, why is Harold Landry such a good value? He was the Titans leading pass rusher last season, and for 2020? He’s set to make only $1,836,461.

Harold Landry is another great value that gives the Titans money to spend elsewhere.


Jayon Brown

Jayon Brown found himself to be one of the Titans starting middle linebackers in 2018, replacing Avery Williamson from the prior season. Immediately, Jayon Brown was a big time contributor for the Titans on defense. In 2018, he finished with 6 sacks and 1 interception. Then last season, he got another interception and took a fumble recovery for a touchdown.

Jayon Brown is a player that could establish himself as elite in 2020. Brown and Rashaan Evans are one of the best young linebacker duos in the NFL.

Jayon Brown is an exceptional player that the Titans can count on to make smart plays in the middle of the defense. He has been a great player in pass coverage, and he is the perfect compliment to Rashaan Evans, who is more effective versus the run.

PFF recognized how good Jayon Brown is in coverage. For a top 5 coverage linebacker, Jayon Brown is an absolute steal for the Titans at $2,200,891 in 2020.

Next season, the Tennessee Titans have plenty of players that will outperform their contract. This is a must for any team that is going to make a playoff run. In the NFL, players that can give you more production than what you are paying for are worth their weight in gold.

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