Recent concerns about Titans rookie Kristian Fulton are no big deal.

The Tennessee Titans got a steal with  Kristian Fulton at 61st overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. Before the draft, he was consistently projected to be a mid-1st round selection. As the draft began to unfold, Fulton kept sliding and Titans fans were ecstatic to get him in the bottom of the second round. Recently, former NFL GM, Charley Casserly, voiced concerns about Kristian Fulton, but here’s why I’m not really looking too far into it.

Kristian Fulton, cornerback: He has the instincts and quickness to win the starting job at nickel-back. But does he have the strength, and is he physical enough to play the run from that position?

via Charley Cassery

To me, strength isn’t really an issue for Kristian Fulton. He seems to have a strong frame that is capable of jamming even the most physical of receivers in man coverage.

As far as tackling, it has consistently been listed as one of Fulton’s strengths. Fulton is a “smart player and good tackler who will look for the strip to create fumbles,” according to Matt Miller of Bleacher Report.

His technique when tackling has been questioned at times, but that is something that can be corrected by coaching. The Titans defensive coaching is definitely nothing to question. I believe if any team was going to sculpt Fulton into one of the NFL’s best tacklers, it would be the Titans.

Fulton can be an elite talent.

The comments from former NFL GM Charley Casserly are nothing to be concerned about when it comes to Fulton’s long term success. Granted, Fulton could struggle early in his rookie season from a lack of tackling technique. Long term, though? I don’t see it affecting him too much. Fulton can easily fine tune his tackling technique and become one of the NFL’s best corners in only a few seasons.

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