Could Josh Gordon make a NFL return by joining the Tennessee Titans?

Josh Gordon was one of the most hyped wide receivers in the NFL during the 2013 season. During that season Gordon was voted to the Pro Bowl and was first team all pro. He finished with 9 receiving touchdowns and 1,646 yards. He accomplished all of this with a mixture of Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, and Brian Hoyer at QB. Not to mention for the first two games of 2013 Gordon was suspended, but he still led the league in receiving yards.

It takes a very special wide receiver to be able to produce numbers like that with below average QB play. Josh Gordon is just that. He has the ability to take any pass for a touchdown.

Gordon still has loads of potential and could finish his NFL career strong. There have been some bumps in the road along the way, but there is no doubt that Josh Gordon can play football.

Josh Gordon’s career has been haunted by the NFL’s substance abuse policy. There’s no doubt that Gordon has abused drugs and alcohol at times, according to Nicole Yang of, Gordon “had something in his system for “probably every game of his career.””

Josh Gordon return to the NFL?

Gordon has been suspended by the NFL a total of three times, and he has missed football by his own choice a couple of other times also due to drugs. But can Josh Gordon play in the NFL again?

The new CBA rules approved by the NFL have lightened the blow that players take by failing drug tests.

Josh Gordon and Randy Gregory have both had severe suspensions due to multiple positive tests for marijuana in the last few years. In similar cases under the new CBA, the results will be much different.

The new CBA also changes the policy on performance-enhancing drugs:

  • First failed test for stimulants or diuretics is a two-game suspension
  • First failed test for anabolic steroids is a six-game suspension
  • Manipulation or substitution and use of a prohibited substance is an eight-game suspension
  • Second failed test for stimulants or diuretics is a five-game suspension
  • Second failed test for anabolic steroids is a 17-game suspension

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The Tennessee Titans could use another good wide receiver. Especially one who could compliment AJ Brown’s style of play like Josh Gordon. Both Brown and Gordon are dangerous if found in space.

Josh Gordon is supposedly applying for reinstatement and odds are after the rule changes and some of the other players that have been reinstated, he has a good shot.

With Cowboys pass rusher Aldon Smith reinstated and Cowboys pass rusher Randy Gregory pursuing reinstatement, questions have emerged regarding the status of suspended receiver Josh Gordon.

via Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk NBC

Gordon’s NFL career has been a rollercoaster ride. He could be reinstated, and if he is the Tennessee Titans should pursue. One thing is for sure, he would be fun to watch in two tone blue.

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