What do Jon Robinson’s comments about Clowney mean for the Titans?

It was inevitable that we haven’t heard the last of Jadeveon Clowney this offseason. Most recently, we heard from Titans GM Jon Robinson Tuesday night in a Facebook livestream with Paul Kuharsky. Of course, Clowney was a topic of discussion, here’s what Jon Robinson had to say:

“What I’ve seen on Twitter, him rushing off the edge and hitting that bag,” Robinson said. “Anytime you are dealing with whatever the contract is going to command, you want to make sure that the player is healthy, that you are able to allow your doctors to see him.

via Paul Kuharsky

After listening to Jon Robinson’s comments, he seems very interested in signing Clowney. That has been apparent throughout the whole offseason.

Only a few weeks ago we heard Robinson say, “I know he (Clowney) wants to play. I think we would be a good fit for him.”

Titans have to convince Clowney to stop playing games.

The Tennessee Titans have shown constant interest in Clowney throughout the offseason. It doesn’t seem like Clowney is as interested, though. There have been no reports of Clowney’s interest in the Titans so far.

Jon Robinson and the Tennessee Titans are in a one-sided relationship. They are constantly expressing their love for Clowney, but he is always interested in someone else. How can they get Jadeveon Clowney to stop playing games and sign a contract?

It shouldn’t be too hard, the Titans have the money to give him what he wants and they’re a contender. That’s all Clowney has claimed he wants, right?

Does he feel like the Tennessee Titans aren’t a valid contender? He continues to go after teams like the Cowboys and the Saints who don’t have enough cap space to give him the money he wants.

Jadeveon Clowney needs to wake up and realize that the Tennessee Titans can give him everything he has been asking for all offseason.

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