Photos of Isaiah Wilson at practice confirm that he is massive.

Isaiah Wilson’s size has been one of the main reasons that he is my favorite of the two candidates to start at right tackle. Say what you want about him, but you can’t teach size and Wilson has plenty of it. Plus, I expect that Wilson will be a completely different player than he was in college by the time we get to see him play a snap.

One thing definitely can’t be ignored, Isaiah Wilson is a very big guy. It is going to be hard for any defensive lineman to get past him.

Although this offseason has been pretty unfair for rookies, I am still on the side that Isaiah Wilson needs to be the starting right tackle this season. He has loads of potential and starting him from day one allows the offensive line to build that chemistry that is so important for success.

We saw how chemistry on the offensive line affected the Titans last season. Once things finally settled in the team had one of the best offensive lines in the whole NFL.

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Future for Wilson

Regardless of whether or not Wilson gets the starting nod for the Titans this season, I still think he has loads of potential for his future with the team. At 6’6 350lbs, Isaiah Wilson is a very intimidating presence to be standing on the offensive line.

It should be noted that Dennis Kelly isn’t far from him at 6’8 320lbs.

Overall, the Titans offensive line is huge and it is going to be very apparent when Derrick Henry (also huge) is running all over everyone. The Tennessee Titans are going to be very physical up front in 2020 and it may be too much for teams to handle. When teams come to Nashville they should beware.

Featured Image: “GA VS LSU E101318 98” by tammy anthony baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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