Can Ryan Tannehill continue his 2019 production?

After taking over for Marcus Mariota, Ryan Tannehill had one of his best seasons in the NFL. Per Pro Football Reference, Ryan Tannehill threw for 2,742 yards and 22 touchdowns. He also had ~ a 70% completion percentage and only 6 interceptions.

Tannehill’s dominant end to the season helped propel the Titans into the playoffs and eventually to the AFC championship game. He also won the award for NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Is this sort of production sustainable for Ryan Tannehill in 2020?

A lot of people feel like last season was a fluke for Tannehill. They would argue that last year was an outlier and that he can not play that well for the course of a full season.

If you take a look back at when Ryan Tannehill played with the Miami Dolphins, he was making the best of a bad situation. Even then, Tannehill wasn’t a bad quarterback. Without an injury to Tannehill in 2016, the Miami Dolphins might have been a team to make a playoff run similar to the Titans last season.

The Titans have done a very good job this offseason of keeping their core offensive players together. One major departure, though, is right tackle Jack Conklin. They did make an effort to replenish this loss, however, signing backup Dennis Kelley and draft Isaiah Wilson in the first round. Ryan Tannehill will look to build on his success from last season with familiar faces around him. One of those faces being Pro Bowl running back Derrick Henry. In addition, the Tennessee Titans added running back Darrynton Evans in the draft. Evans is an explosive running back and is the perfect player to match Derrick Henry’s style of play.

If you multiply Ryan Tannehill’s averages from last season over 16 games, you get something like this:

  • 3,656 passing yards
  • ~ 35 passing touchdowns
  • 10 interceptions

I strongly believe that Ryan Tannehill is a quarterback that is capable of these numbers. Last season, a stat line like that would have put Tannehill within the top 5 and potentially even top 3 quarterbacks in the league. The Tennessee Titans offense is a system where Ryan Tannehill can thrive and I believe that he can continue to build on last season and finish his career out strong.

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Featured Image: “Ryan Tannehill and Jamie Blatnick” by KT King licensed by (CC BY 2.0)

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