Indianapolis Colts start the season 0-1 with an embarrassing loss.

A big fat I told you so is in order to the national media after the Indianapolis Colts 27-20 loss. In regards to Phillip Rivers, I have been spot on all offseason. While everyone else across the country was busy praising the 38-year old QB, we Titans fans knew better. Phillip Rivers has been on the decline for a while now, and interceptions have been a huge issue.

Let me first say that it is a long season, and one loss is probably not going to define the Colts whole season. However, a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in week one is more than embarrassing for the ponies.

I expected the Colts to be the biggest threat to the Titans for the AFC South. I still expect that to be the case, but if this is the Colts we will see for the rest of the season? The Titans should have a cake walk to the playoffs. I have to say, I really thought their defense was going to be tough to handle. It is still early, but they have to get things together quickly to avoid a disastrous season.

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Continuity is king in the 2020 NFL season

On the Titans Time Podcast, we have been hammering on the fact all offseason that the Titans are in such a good spot because of the familiarity on their team.

We saw perfect examples of how important it was, with the way this offseason had to happen, to keep teams as similar as possible. The New Orleans Saints made pretty easy work of the Tampa Bay Bucs, who many people thought could be a Super Bowl Favorite.

Everyone expected the Ravens to dominate, and that they did. Familiar faces all around made big plays and helped them to thrash the Cleveland Browns, who just can’t seem to get things right.

Just be glad that the Titans didn’t completely overhaul their team over the offseason. As we have seen so far during week one, teams that didn’t seemingly have a pretty large advantage.

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