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Jon Robinson spoke to reporters Tuesday morning at the Combine in regards to free agency, the NFL draft, and who might be staying around in Nashville for a few more years.

While most of Robinson’s answers were very vague and hard to decipher, you can bet every statement has been studied down to the very word by the media.

Although he didn’t have much to say in regards to most contract negotiations, Robinson said this when asked about Henry:

“Yeah, Derrick had a great year for us, I mean, he lead the league in rushing. He build off the second half of the 2018 season he had. He cares about his teammates, he works hard, he’s great in the community, and we’re gonna work through that one and do everything we can to try to keep him around

Jon Robinson on Derrick Henry

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not one to try to twist Robinson’s words to make it seem like something it’s not. With that being said, Robinson elaborated when asked about Henry and did not do so when asked about negotiations with any other player.

Does this mean Jon Robinson is a lot more confident that Henry will be back and not so much about other players? Does it mean that Henry is Robinson’s top priority this off-season? There is no way to be sure but I am more confident about Derrick Henry being a Titan next season after hearing what Robinson had to say.

Why Keep Henry?

If Henry is Robinson’s top priority, then why? Let’s take a look at where Derrick Henry ranked among running backs in stats aside from rushing yards last season:

  • Rushing TDs – T-1st
  • Rushes Over 20 Yards – 2nd
  • Yards/Game – 1st (Somewhat obvious considering he was the yards leader)
  • First Downs – 3rd
  • Yards/Attempt – T-3rd

Understanding the history of paying running backs, I could understand if the Titans were to move on from Henry this off-season. One thing is for sure, though, I definitely won’t complain if they sign him long term.

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