Free agent wide receivers for the Titans to replace Cody Hollister.

On Tuesday, the Tennessee Titans waived wide receiver Cody Hollister. Hollister played four offensive snaps in the Monday night game against the Denver Broncos. This move leaves the Titans with only four wide receivers on the active roster.

Four wide receivers is certainly not enough to make it the course of the entire season. Which makes you wonder if the Titans are looking to make a move in free agency to get one, or if they have their eyes on the practice squad?

Practice squad

The only player I could see the team bringing up from the practice squad to fill the role is Cameron Batson. Batson has been with the team for a while now and can provide more speed to the squad.

Initially, Batson was listed on the team’s first unofficial depth chart, but he was soon cut to make space for Jadeveon Clowney.

Before the Denver game, Nick Westbrook (previously on the practice squad) was moved up to the active roster. The move was most likely an insurance policy in case Corey Davis (hamstring) wasn’t ready to go. However, Davis played and Westbrook didn’t even suit up for the game. If he remains on the roster, that would give the Titans 5 wideouts. However, even if that is so, I would still expect the team to make some sort of additional move at wide receiver.

Free agents

If the Titans go looking in free agency for a wideout, there are only two options that should really be considered.

Taylor Gabriel

Since very early in the offseason, I have been huge on the idea of bringing Taylor Gabriel in to add some speed and experience to the team. We saw Kalif Raymond struggle some in the Broncos game, so maybe there was a bit too much put on his shoulders too early. Why not have Taylor Gabriel come in (who has a similar skill set) to take some of the load off of him.

Gabriel has the ability to take short passes and make a big time play out of them. It goes without saying that his route running is next level. Plus, being a small receiver, Gabriel might have plenty of veteran tips to help Kalif Raymond take his game to the next level.

Demaryius Thomas

I wouldn’t mind adding Demaryius Thomas to this corps of receivers either. Between Corey Davis and AJ Brown, the Titans have receivers that have big bodies and can rack up YAC. Thomas fits that role perfectly. If the team were to go out and get him, that would be one more threat that defenses would have to fear at all times on the field.

Playing for the Jets and the Patriots definitely wasn’t the highlight of Thomas’s career. But joining the Titans could be perfect for one last run at a Super Bowl.

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