Former Titan Nate Washington has an important message for NFL rookies.

This NFL offseason has been different than anything we have ever seen. Players aren’t allowed to get together in large groups to practice and learn plays like they’ve always done. Coaches and players can’t meet face to face for team meetings. This can make it challenging for players that are joining new teams, especially rookies, to adapt to their new atmosphere. Former Tennessee Titan Nate Washington has an important message for rookies that are preparing to join their new teams.

2020 will forever be known as the year of COVID-19. It has taken control of so many aspects of our lives, and it seems like it will continue to control sports. Who knows what will come of the 2020 NFL season, but players have to continue to prepare in as normal of fashion as they possibly can. The worst thing a player could do is to not prepare and not be ready come time for the NFL.

One way that rookies can try to get a leg up during this time of uncertainty is to stick their nose in their respective team’s playbook. Learn it front to back. Nate Washington wants to warn these rookies, though. What you see on paper isn’t always how it is on the field.

A message like that from someone who has been there and done that can be super valuable to these rookies.

NFLPA advises players not to have private workouts

We’ve seen several NFL players still find ways to get out and practice despite COVID. Although, the NFLPA doesn’t exactly want these workouts to continue, there is no substitute for actually getting out on a field and playing football.

From Tom Brady to Russell Wilson and Antonio Brown, the NFL’s best continue to get out and put in work.

Earlier in the offseason, we saw lots of Titans players getting involved in these private workouts.

Ryan Tannehill and Jonnu Smith began to build chemistry by throwing together down in Florida.

We also saw rookie Cole McDonald putting in some work with one of the Tennessee Titans UDFA’s.

The Titans should take Nate Washington’s advice to heart. There’s nothing wrong with a small group getting spread out on a football field to learn plays and techniques. Like Washington said, “Go outside, have someone call your plays, line up in your position and carry out your assignment from the call.”

Titans rookies will thank Washington when the season comes and muscle memory kicks in.

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