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Top Titans jerseys to buy from Fanatics in 2020

Here are some of the top Tennessee Titans players that you’ll want to rep in 2020.

1. Derrick Henry

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Derrick Henry was a beast for the Tennessee Titans down the stretch in 2019. If it weren’t for him, the Titans run game would have suffered severely. He was the NFL’s leading rusher, and he absolutely destroyed teams in the playoffs. There’s a reason they call him King Henry!

Henry just signed a massive 4-year deal with the team. He is looking to make his mark on the NFL during the 2020 season. There’s no better Tennessee Titan to represent next season.

2. Ryan Tannehill

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Ryan Tannehill was the unlikely hero for the Titans heading into the 2019 NFL season. If things had went differently for the Titans in 2019, Marcus Mariota might be the name on this list. But Ryan Tannehill led the Titans to the AFC Championship game.

Ryan Tannehill just got PAID! The Tennessee Titans believe in him long term and so should you!

3. Kevin Byard

Find a Kevin Byard jersey here! 

When thinking of the best Titans jerseys in 2020, Kevin Byard has to be mentioned. He’s locked down to be with the Titans until 2025, and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Byard is a fan favorite, and for good reason. There’s no safety that is better at finding interceptions that Kevin Byard.

4. Taylor Lewan

Find a Taylor Lewan jersey here! 

Taylor Lewan has been a staple on the Titans offensive line for some time now. I can’t think of a better player to lock down the Titans left tackle positon.

Lewan’s podcast Bussin’ With the Boys has gave Titans fans a way to get to know him a little better. Lewan seems to be a great person, and he is definitely a great teammate. Taylor Lewan’s jersey is one of the best Titans jerseys to own in 2020.

5. AJ Brown

Find a AJ Brown jersey here!

We have only seen one season out of AJ Brown for the Titans, but it was a good one.

He was one of the most electrifying rookies in the NFL last season.

AJ Brown has been working hard all offseason, so I expect a huge season in 2020 for him. There’s no better time to get a great player’s jersey than early in their career.

Best Titans jerseys 2020!

The biggest thing to remember when getting a Titans jersey is to find your favorite player.

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