Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is going to take the XFL to a new level.

The Rock is now the new owner of the XFL. That’s right, the football league that was becoming pretty popular right before the pandemic hit. It’s insane to think about the Rock as the owner of the XFL, but there’s no reason to believe that it isn’t going to be awesome.

The XFL seemed like it was headed towards it’s death after the pandemic hit and they had to declare bankruptcy. Nobody was exactly sure what was going to happen with the league, but the Rock got his hands on it right before it went to auction. I strongly believe that is going to be a huge turning point for the XFL.

The Rock is a big enough personality to shoot the XFL right into the spotlight. The Rock played college football at the University of Miami, so he definitely knows his football.

Is there any way to look at the Rock as the owner of a professional football league and not think that it is awesome?

Several XFL players made a move to the NFL after the league ended, but there is probably still plenty of talent for the XFL to get. I don’t doubt that the Rock will be making big time moves to try to steal a few players from the NFL.

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NFL beware of the Rock

The upcoming NFL season is going to be crucial for the future. Depending on the way they handle things during the pandemic, people could really start to consider the XFL as an alternative. Granted, the majority of people that love football are going to watch both, but there could be some people that make a complete switch over the the XFL.

One thing is for sure, another professional football league only adds competition for the NFL, so it can never be good. If anyone is going to have a chance to make the XFL insanely popular, it’s Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

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