Looking back at Darrynton Evans most dominant college game.

Darrynton Evans, although not very well known before the draft, was dominant in college. In his senior season at Appalachian State, he racked up 1,678 total scrimmage yards and 23 totals touchdowns. It’s apparent when you watch Evans that his speed is only matched by few. At times, as soon as he touches the ball no defender has a shot at catching him. So, in honor of Darrynton Evans birthday, let’s look at his most dominant game in college.

On September 7th 2019, Darrynton Evans and App. State took the field against Charlotte, a game that is becoming a Conference-USA rivalry.  Evans absolutely embarrassed the Charlotte defense, taking 19 rushes for 234 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns.

It was apparent from the first snap that Darrynton Evans did not come to play games.

Right off the bat, Evans took the ball and ran for a 87 yard touchdown. Appalachian State scored on the first play from scrimmage, and it was a shootout from then on.

For optimal viewing pleasure, watch the touchdown from this aerial view.

There was a lot more football to be played, though, and Darrynton Evans took advantage of every snap.

It took a while for Evans to find the end zone again, though. In the middle of the third quarter he was able to punch in a 3 yard touchdown run, bringing his total up to two for the day.

By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, it was a two score game. That didn’t last for long, Charlotte was able to bring it back within a score early in the 4th quarter with a 23 yard touchdown pass.

Evans didn’t waste time responding. On just the third play of the next drive, he took a handoff 68 yards to make it a two score game again.

Darrynton Evans had dominated all game long. It was no question who the best player on the field was.

Darrynton Evans seals the game

After Charlotte brought it back to one score, they felt they needed to recover an onside kick. Keeping it out of Darrynton Evans hands was probably the driving force behind the decision. He already had over 200 yards in the game, giving him another chance would just ass insult to injury. An onside kick is usually hard enough to recover, but with Darrynton Evans on the field, he will destroy all of your hopes and dreams.

Evans saw the ball coming, but it was a little out of control. If he wasn’t able to secure it, it could have bounced right into the hands of a Charlotte player.

Instead of catching the ball and immediately going down, Evans flew through the air to secure the ball and then immediately set his mind on pay dirt. 45 yards on the onside kick recovery, touchdown Darrynton Evans.

I can’t think of anything more demoralizing to a team than having your own onside kick taken to the house when you were only one score behind.

After the game, Evans was asked what was going through his mind on the onside kick.

“Really right there I was talking to (teammates) and I was like, “If it’s hot let it go.” Then, it just took a good bounce. I was like, alright, it’s too high for me to catch it and fall. Then, I looked as I caught it, and I was like, it’s wide open, I might as well keep running.

Darrynton Evans postgame

Darrynton Evans had one heck of a game, and he will probably never forget it. While it was against Charlotte, it’s something to be proud of when you score 4 touchdowns in a game against a conference opponent.

Featured Image: “App State vs Georgia Southern” by switz1873 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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