Tennessee Titans: Why not take a chance on Cole McDonald?

I have been a believer in Cole McDonald ever since the Titans drafted him in the 7th round of this years NFL Draft. The Titans backup quarterback situation is still a bit cloudy at this point. My question is, why not take a chance on Cole McDonald? He comes from a pass heavy offense at Hawaii and had lots of success in college. Backing up Ryan Tannehill could give him lots of experience and help him develop for the future.

McDonald was going to make the preseason super exciting for the Titans. Of course, the preseason was cancelled so we won’t get quite as good of a look at his play as we would have.

In each of the past two seasons at Hawaii, Cole McDonald recorded 40 total touchdowns. He is an exciting player with a big arm and the ability to run the ball. McDonald isn’t afraid to take a shot down the field.

An issue that the Titans have ran into in the past is bringing in backups that are strictly game managers. In that case you have to alter your whole offense to be safe around the QB. A QB that isn’t afraid to make things happen could come in without much change to the offense.

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Developmental prospect

Here is what Kyle Crabbs of the Draft Network had to say about McDonald.

Cole McDonald projects as a developmental quarterback the the NFL level. McDonald has several desirable traits, including flashes of arm talent, athleticism and the size of a prototypical passer — but he is a point and shoot passer by design in Hawaii’s Run-N-Shoot offense. The mental side of the game is going to need to be reconstructed from the foundation and as such McDonald should be considered a low risk, high reward prospect late in the NFL Draft.

The free agent quarterbacks that are remaining this late in the offseason aren’t great at all. McDonald is a guy that the fans will love. Why not give him a shot? He’s a great developmental prospect that already has some great tools at his disposal.

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