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There has been a fair share of ridiculous theories going around about who’s going to be throwing the ball around in Tennessee next season. While it is all fun and games to think about the large selection of FA QBs in two-toned blue throwing it to A.J. Brown, we have to remember who turned our season around and got us to the playoffs.

Ryan Tannehill was a BEAST for the Titans last season. He was crushing it like no one we have seen in a long long time in Nashville, besides Derrick Henry. We have something special with those two in the backfield. I can’t imagine a world where we could ever let these guys go somewhere else.

If you average Tannehill’s stats out over a 16 game season he ends up with numbers that look something like this: 3,656 passing yards, just under 30 touchdowns, and only 8 interceptions. Not only are those good numbers, but keep in mind he only played the second half against the Broncos.

While these stats aren’t going to be breaking any records, it is enough to land him 16th in yardage and T-4th in TDs. Again, by no means is this amazing, but we don’t need him to be. We need him to maintain good chemistry with the wide-outs and keep the defense honest to give King Henry freedom to run wild.

I just don’t see a way the Titans go any direction other than Ryan Tannehill. It seems like he is going to be the guy for years to come. In my opinion, you just can’t go away from a guy who has given Nashville the ounce of hope that they haven’t had since the McNair days.

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