AJ Brown was disrespected by EA with his Madden 21 rating.

EA has officially released Madden ratings for rookies and some of the NFL’s top quarterbacks. Madden School, however, has released the top 10 rated players for each NFL team. According to the list they released, AJ Brown has been blatantly disrespected by EA.

First, let’s go to Washington, where another rookie wide receiver stood out last season. Terry McLaurin finished his rookie season with 58 receptions for 919 yards and 7 touchdowns. By all means he had a great season for a rookie wide receiver, but he was no AJ Brown.

AJ Brown was one step ahead of McLaurin, finishing with 52 receptions for 1,051 yards and 8 touchdowns. Not to mention he added a rushing touchdown, bringing his total to 9 for the year. Brown was able to do more with less opportunities. That’s called efficiency, and it’s usually something that is pretty valuable. I guess EA doesn’t quite see it that way. AJ Brown was given a Madden rating of only 81 overall while McLaurin notched a rating of 82!

To me, it is just absolutely absurd that someone can look at the things AJ Brown did last season and feel that he deserves that low of a rating. It seems like EA actually pays people to pick favorites and give them better ratings.

AJ Brown isn’t the only Titan with a low rating

You should see a huge increase in AJ Brown’s overall as the course of the season goes on. In fact, you should see it with a lot of Titans players. He isn’t the only one that was given too low of a rating by EA. Here’s the list of the top 10 rated Titans players in Madden 21, leaked by Madden School.

Titans top 10 Madden ratings
Titans top 10 ratings Madden 21 via Madden School

Sports Illustrated has shown the ratings for the full team.

The Titans are always disrespected by EA when it comes time to release Madden ratings. This year is no different so far.

Here’s a short list of some of the players that are rated too low in Madden 21

  • Taylor Lewan – 84 Overall
  • AJ Brown – 81 Overall
  • Ryan Tannehill – 80 Overall
  • Daquan Jones – 79 Overall
  • Jayon Brown – 79 Overall
  • Rashaan Evans – 79 Overall
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