AJ Brown didn’t make the NFL’s list of top 100 players.

Yesterday, the NFL began their top 100 players countdown. The countdown includes players from 2019 and counts them down in order to the best player in the NFL. Realistically, we all know that Derrick Henry should be number one on the list. Usually, the Titans are always disrespected by anyone covering the NFL though. For some reason the team is always an underdog no matter what they do. Personally, I like it. The Titans wouldn’t be the Titans if they weren’t constantly being overlooked. AJ Brown, however, was the best rookie wide receiver in the NFL last season. Somehow, he still was snubbed from the NFL top 100 list.

Only one more rookie is going to make this list. It would be insane if the rookie wasn’t Nick Bosa.

What I can’t understand is how anyone could think that DK Metcalf was a better wide receiver than AJ Brown last season. Putting Metcalf at 81 and not even including AJ Brown in the top 100 is just absurd.

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AJ Brown vs DK Metcalf 2019

Brown did so much more than Metcalf was able to in 2019, and he did it on less catches.

Imagine a guy touching the ball less, but still having more yards and touchdowns. Sounds like he is making a lot more happen, right? Yet somehow, people still want to believe that Metcalf was better than AJ Brown last season.

Not to mention that AJ Brown was the Titans #1 target while Metcalf had Tyler Lockett to take some of the attention away.

AJ Brown was matching up against other defenses best cover guys, and he was still able to be the first Titans receiver with 1,000 yards since Delanie Walker in 2015.

AJ Brown continues to defy the odds and prove people wrong. I can’t see him doing it any other way in 2020. Watch out for a big season from Brown in 2020, and keep sleeping because it only fuels his fire.

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