A look at each of the Tennessee Titans 4 UDFA wideouts.

The Tennessee Titans top wide receivers show lots of promise. AJ Brown had an impressive rookie season with over 1000 yards on just 52 catches.He set the record for fewest catches on over 1000 yards. Corey Davis shows promise as a WR2. While this is a bit of an underachievement based on where he was drafted, he has still been a good option in the passing game. Adam Humphries is so reliable on third down, and Khalif Raymond seems to be a really good deep threat.

The Titans seem to be set at wide receiver, right? Well, not exactly. Depth is a huge issue at wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. The draft or free agency would have seemed like a great option to pick up some depth at the position. Free agency is still an option but it seems like the Titans might be trying to find a steal in the pool of undrafted players. The Titans signed 14 UDFA and 4 of those are wide receivers.

Do any of these signings have a chance to make the Tennessee Titans 53 man roster?

Titans UDFA Mason Kinsey, Berry College

It’s unusual for a division three college player to be signed by an NFL team. But Mason Kinsey was a stud at Berry College. He is the leader for about any stat you can think of for receivers at Berry College.

Kinsey finished his college career with 3,343 yards and 50 touchdowns. The stats alone say a lot about new Titans WR Mason Kinsey. There’s no doubt he was a great college player, but can this transition into the NFL?

Kinsey seems to have the athleticism to do so. At his pro day he ran a 4.36 40 yard dash and posted a 36″ vertical jump.

Titans UDFA Kristian Wilkerson, Southeast Missouri State

Kristian Wilkerson is my favorite of the Titans newly acquired wideouts. He’s another receiver that owns his college’s all time record for receiving yards (3,540) and touchdowns (33). In fact, I mentioned Wilkerson as a receiver to watch for going into the preseason.

Justin Melo of Music City Miracles had a chance to interview Kristian Wilkerson. He was able to get an inside scoop on exactly how Wilkerson sees himself as a receiver

JM: That’s a great way to make your decision. How would you describe your skill-set as a receiver?

KW: I’m a jump-ball guy. I can be a contested catch winner. I’m always working on my route running and improving in that area. I’m a good, tough blocker. I’ve always done whatever my coaches need me to do. I’m a team player first and foremost.

Titans UDFA Kyle Williams, Arizona State

Moving to a larger school, Kyle Williams from Arizona State was very impressive in his sophomore season. Since, he has seen a bit of a drop, but in 2017, he caught 66 balls for 763 yards and 7 touchdowns. Williams has proven to have the ability to be a good receiver. If he had continued his success from his sophomore season he most likely would have been drafted rather than being picked up after the draft.

Kyle Williams is already building chemistry for the preseason. He and Titans 7th round pick Cole McDonald have been practicing together while McDonald works on his throwing motion.

Titans UDFA Nick Westbrook, Indiana

Nick Westbrook didn’t quite have the same amount of production through college as Wilkerson and Kinsey. He finished with just 2,226 yards and 16 touchdowns.

Nick Westbrook could be useful as a deep threat for the Tennessee Titans. Honestly, I see him as nothing more than competition during camp. Khalif Raymond will be the Titans main deep threat next season. With the Titans main receivers already being above average on deep bombs, I don’t necessarily see a need for another pure deep threat.

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